Working with College Students

Photo by Rawpixel Ltd/iStock / Getty Images

The transition into college, whether it is nearby or far away from home, is a time of excitement and joy for many students. For some, balancing academics and social life, as well as adjusting to new-found independence and life away from family can be challenging. Psychological difficulties can complicate things even further. My background of working with college students at numerous college counseling centers allows me a unique perspective and understanding of the issues they are facing, and the environment in which they are functioning. Therapy can be helpful for college students facing a variety of stressors including trauma-related and eating disorder symptoms, anxiety, grief and loss, OCD, ADHD, depression, and LGBTQ concerns.

In my work with college students, I use a variety of strategies depending on the needs of the individual, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, and even elements of art therapy. I am comfortable collaborating with college counseling center staff and administrators in cases where this may be helpful, such as when a medical leave of absence for mental health reasons is needed.